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Fall & Winter Prompts (Throwback!) - 4x6 Clear Stamp Set


Our latest installment in our bestselling Prompts series: our favorite things about Fall and Winter! Here are the ff. prompts included in this set:

  1. Pick a pumpkin
  2. This year's costume
  3. Sweater weather
  4. Favorite season
  5. Hello Halloween
  6. Pumpkin spice everything
  7. Trick or treat
  8. Halloween decorations
  9. All the colors
  10. Fall favorites
  11. Spooky stories
  12. More pie, please
  13. Favorite fall treat
  14. Crisp fall air
  15. Fall foliage
  16. Apple picking
  17. Thanksgiving preparations
  18. All the candy!
  19. Time to bundle up!
  20. Turkey day!
  21. All the sparkles
  22. Time to gather
  23. In front of the fire
  24. The Great Indoors
  25. Let it snow
  26. Stay warm
  27. Hello Winter!
  28. Peace & quiet
  29. Favorite season
  30. Playing in the snow
  31. Winter is here

Use this set for scrapbooking, Project Life, planners, travel journals, and bullet journals! 4x6 clear stamp set, includes 31 stamps.

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