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In The News Prompts - 4x6 Clear Stamp Set

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This stamp set is going to help you stop and reflect on what is happening in the world around you. You will be able to get the current events documented easily thanks to these phrases guiding the way.

Use this set for scrapbooking, Project Life, planners, travel journals, and bullet journals! 4x6 clear stamp set, includes 29 stamps.

These prompts include:

  1. Today’s Headline
  2. Here’s Some Good News
  3. Fake News
  4. I Saw It On Twitter
  5. Here’s The Tea
  6. Can you Believe It
  7. Oh No, What Is It Now?
  8. On My Feed
  9. Trending Topic Today
  10. Everyone’s Still Talking About This
  11. Here’s A Different Perspective
  12. My New Fave Meme
  13. Is This Real Life
  14. Breaking News
  15. He Said What?!
  16. She Said What?!
  17. He Did What?!
  18. She Did What?!
  19. UHH, how is this news?!
  20. OMG, tell me everything!
  21. What a story!
  22. Liked & Shared
  23. Down-voted
  24. This Changed My Mind
  25. This Is All Over The News
  26. Following This Story
  27. Here’s the Latest
  28. Some Good News For A Change
  29. News Flash

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