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Crafty me time, delivered monthly 📬 ✨

Introducing the Mini Book Makers Club — our new all-in-one mini book subscription kit!

The Mini Book Makers Club is a series of mini book kits that come with everything you need to start and complete a mini book around a specific theme. Our kits take out the guesswork, overwhelm, and overthinking when it comes to starting a creative habit.

Each kit includes a 4x6 mini book with a unique layout, a 4x6 coordinating clear stamp set, sticker sheets, cut out labels, postcards and more. The exclusive foldout idea zine includes additional prompts around the theme, and design sketches to get started with your journaling.

Subscribe today so you never miss a kit, and get your monthly me time scheduled when your happy mail arrives!

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14: Top Rated

This month, we’re focusing on the different ways we love to entertain ourselves, whether it’s the new prestige (or reality!) TV shows we binge-watch, the big summer movie blockbusters we can’t wait to see, or the new book titles we devour in one sitting.This kit is an invitation to start a media journal — document all the things you’re reading, watching, listening to as you’re enjoying them! Don’t forget to share your projects with us with the hashtag *#EEMiniBookMakersClub* — we can all use some inspiration (and book and TV recommendations, too!)

What's in this month's kit:
1 - 4×6 in. mini book
• 1 - 4×6 in. clear stamp set
• 1 - 5×7 in. sheet of label stickers
• 2 - 5×7 in. themed sticker sheets
• 4 - 4×6 in. patterned paper sheets
• 1 - 4×6 in. storage sleeve
• 1 - idea sheet

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One time purchase

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Available on 4/8

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Membership Perks:

  • 15% off everything and shop our new launch one day early
  • Front of line shipping
  • Ability to combine orders on launch day
  • Free digital kit ($19.99 value!)

Last month's kit

13: Made This

Last month, we invited you to document your favorite creative hobbies. Use this mini book to celebrate the things you create, whether you bake cookies, paint on canvas, or knit sweaters. Celebrate activities you enjoy and nerd out over, from finding the best hidden hiking spots to dressing up as your favorite comic book heroes.Document the hobbies that bring you joy, and set some time aside for them this week!

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