How is shipping calculated?
Because of Shopify's awesome backend, it can automatically compute shipping by weight. That means, you pay less when you only get one stamp set (vs. the fixed rate last time) and you get better rates for Priority Mail shipping, too. All orders ship via USPS.

Oy, where is my order?
What, it’s not there yet?! (Ha.) If you live in the US, it should take within 3-5 businesses days to get to you. Internationals take at least 2-3 weeks. You can always go back to your shipping confirmation email and use the tracking number included in there to see where your order is at the moment. 

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Orders are fulfilled by Shipbob, a great new fulfillment center in the Bay Area. They usually great about getting orders out the same day (what! That's like 3 Christines for the price of one) or within two days of your order. That said, if you run into any problems, shoot me an email at info@everydayexplorers.co and I'll get in touch with them.

Do you accept international orders?

Absolutely! The new backend should be able to accurately compute shipping to your awesome country. Please wait at least 3-4 weeks and a hopeless tracking number before writing in to say that your order is lost though — international shipping can be tricky and often harder to track.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final, unless there’s something wrong with the merchandise. Please write in anyway and I’ll take care of you!

Help, something’s wrong with my order!

Yikes! If you’re missing a part of your order, or if some part of it is defective, please write in and let me know, and I’ll make it right!

Do you wholesale?

Yes I do! Please write in and let me know what you’re thinking and let’s work together.

Do you design stuff for other people?

Absolutely. Aside from the work I have on this site, my design portfolio is over at Christine Herrin. I love anything hand lettering, print- or editorial-related, and anything that requires me to think of a system — a kit of some sorts. Anyway! Get in touch and I would love to work with you. 

Still have questions? Write in via the
Contact Us page and I’ll get to it!