About Everyday Explorers Co.®

Everyday Explorers was an idea I couldn't get out of my head. I've always been obsessed with travel, paper, and scrapbooking, and constantly found ways to work on projects to mix the three. One of my biggest passion projects over the years (yes, over the years — I've overthought it way too many times that it never got done until recently!) was an interactive travel journal, some sort of fun, delightful, paper product you can take to document your travels and save the bits and pieces that were the most memorable. 

This is what Everyday Explorers Co. is all about — delightful pieces for paper nerds who are also wanderlust-filled frequent flyers. We’ve since then branched out into more general topics (not just travel), but will always have a soft spot for documenting adventures.

I'm currently working on more interactive journals and paper kits, but the fun staples for the documenters are here to stay (clear stamps! digital downloads!) I say "us" and "we" but this shop is run by me, Christine Herrin — graphic designer and handletterer, originally from Manila, currently based in Berkeley, CA. 

That said — this is a small, one woman-owned business where everything is thoughtfully made and designed with a whole lot of heart. When you buy from Everyday Explorers Co., I do a happy dance and send you good vibes. Thank you for supporting small and giving me the opportunity to bring you crafty delight!

If you live in the Philippines, I have a handful of products available at Everyday Explorers PH, which is expertly run and managed by my awesome mom. She helps keep orders in check and ships orders out every Tuesday and Thursday. (She’s the best operations manager ever!)