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Crafty Life Prompts - 4x6 Clear Stamp Set


Here’s a fun addition to our Prompts series: crafty life! Use this set to document all your favorite crafts (from your ongoing projects to craft experiments) and collect your ideas. As a bonus, this set includes a “handmade by” seal to add to your finished projects!

Here’s a list of the prompts included in this set:

  1. Let’s get creative
  2. Project plan
  3. Craft with me
  4. I made this (by myself!)
  5. Finished a project!
  6. Daily practice
  7. All the colors!
  8. Hello craft stash
  9. Oops — messed this up!
  10. Learned something new today
  11. Craft haul
  12. Totally nailed it!
  13. Crafty inspiration
  14. Made by hand
  15. Post-craft sesh mess
  16. Peace, quiet, & crafts
  17. Favorite craft buddies
  18. I made something today!
  19. Crafty superstar!
  20. In my happy place
  21. All the ideas!
  22. Try this sometime
  23. Projects to share
  24. Currently making
  25. Current Project
  26. DIY life
  27. Busy making things
  28. Plan with me
  29. Craft playlist
  30. Love this project!
  31. One of a kind

Use this set for scrapbooking, Project Life, planners, travel journals, and bullet journals! 4x6 clear stamp set, includes 32 stamps.

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