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All orders will ship the week of July 11th! 💛
All orders will ship the week of July 11th! 💛

Mealtime Prompts - 4x6 Clear Stamp Set


Whether you’re the one who preps the meals or eats them, the latest installment in our bestselling Prompts series is perfect for all the foodies out there! Here’s a list of the included prompts:

  1. Love this recipe
  2. What’s cooking?
  3. Craving satisfied!
  4. Freshly baked
  5. Baked with love
  6. Getting take out
  7. Back for seconds
  8. Oooh, fancy!
  9. More, please!
  10. Cheat meal
  11. Favorite restaurant
  12. Today’s special
  13. Can’t stop snacking
  14. Worth the wait
  15. Comfort food
  16. Recipe testing
  17. Ate this
  18. Made from scratch
  19. Pizza night
  20. Brunch & booze
  21. Food coma!
  22. Sous chef
  23. Extra toppings
  24. Taco Tuesday!
  25. Sweet tooth
  26. The secret ingredient
  27. Head chef
  28. Mixed greens
  29. Meal prep
  30. Chips & dip
  31. Recipe fail!
  32. Can’t wait to dig in
  33. Time to eat!
  34. Secret recipe
  35. Gone in seconds
  36. Quick & easy
  37. Grab a bite
  38. Yum!
  39. Made this

Use this set for scrapbooking, Project Life, planners, travel journals, and bullet journals! 4x6 clear stamp set, includes 39 stamps.

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