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100% Me - 4x6 Clear Stamp Set


Introducing the Prompt Series! Let this stamp set help you document yourself when you're not sure where to start — make an All About Me album, journal about yourself, document your favorites and wins! These prompts include:

  1. Selfie Time
  2. I'm really good at this
  3. This was my day
  4. This is so me
  5. I did this!
  6. Here's what I think
  7. Here's how I'm feeling
  8. Today's big win
  9. Treating myself
  10. Today's Mood
  11. 5 things I love about myself
  12. Woke up like this
  13. So proud I did this
  14. Here & now
  15. My favorite
  16. ... No thanks
  17. This makes me so happy
  18. This really bums me out
  19. A few of my favorite things...
  20. Things you should know about me
  21. This matters to me
  22. 100% Me
  23. This gives me energy
  24. Today's reflection:
  25. My Top 5 Qualities
  26. My Top 5 Strengths
  27. Today's Self-Care
  28. Telling my own story
  29. My story matters
  30. This sparks joy
  31. This really inspires me
  32. I am...

Use this set for scrapbooking, Project Life, planners, travel journals, and bullet journals! 4x6 clear stamp set, includes 32 stamps.

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