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Mini Book Makers Club Kit: June


Introducing the Mini Book Makers Club!

What does adventure look like to you right now? What's bringing you a sense of wonder or awe? What was the last thing that got you curious to explore?

Whether you're planning a quick getaway or exploring a new neighborhood this weekend, this kit is perfect for documenting the things (and people!) we meet along the way. Treat it as a daily adventure log for finding the fun in every day, or a place to jot down the details of your next trip!


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What's in your kit:

  • 1 - 4×6 in. mini book
  • 1 - 4×6 in. clear stamp set
  • 1 - 5×7 in. sheet of label stickers
  • 2 - 5×7 in. themed sticker sheets
  • 4 - 4×6 in. patterned paper sheets
  • 1 - 4×6 in. storage sleeve
  • 1 - idea sheet

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