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A Year of Big Goals & Everyday Wins - Undated Planner (5x7)


The past year and a half has been an emotional rollercoaster to say the least, so this year's undated planner is an invitation back into taking each day as it comes, focusing on daily, everyday joys and wins, but still dreaming big with our goals and dreams for the new year.

This planner includes quarterly planning pages for breaking down your big goals, and monthly journaling prompts to focus on day to day details. Document your life, celebrate your little, everyday wins, and dream big!

  • B6 size (5 x 7 inches, 0.6 inches thick)
  • 192 pages, printed on 100 gsm ivory paper
  • Gray text printed, colored quarterly dividers
  • Sewn with lay-flat binding for easy use
  • Undated pages good enough for 12 months so you can start anytime
  • Includes 4 sheets of planner stickers

Planner Features:

  • Yearly and monthly tracking pages
  • Yearly Intention setting page to start off with the right mindset
  • Yearly Goal page to break down your goals with action steps

  • Quarterly mood / vision board page to reset every quarter
  • Quarterly gratitude and intention setting page to look back (and ahead!)
  • Quarterly goal pages to set 90-day plans and goals
  • Monthly dashboard page to jot down important dates and set intentions
  • Monthly challenge / 5 prompts to capture your life at the moment
  • Monthly spreads to plan your month out
  • Weekly spreads with space for daily gratitude / wins

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