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Free gift + free shipping on orders over $65!

Sammie’s Up Down & Around Adventure by Chinggay Labrador and Alysse Asilo


Take your kids through their very own “Fool’s Journey” through little Sammie’s romp around New York City. Sammie’s adventures teach us about the ups, down, and all-arounds we encounter in life—no matter what age we are.


  • 7 to 9 year olds who can read on their own
  • 6-and-unders who love bright illustrations with colorful characters
  • adults who want a simplified take on the tarot’s Major Arcana
  • supporters of indie artists and creators

Add more oomph to your book with Sammie’s Story Cards (included!)
Sammie’s Story Cards are 22 full-color, numbered cards that may be shuffled and flipped over to prompt kids and grown-ups to create their own adventures.

They can be used to tell Sammie’s story from memory, or used to cook up your own New York City adventures.

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