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PRE-ORDER: Practical Magic Starter Tarot Deck


This is a pre-order and your order will ship in November 2021. If your order includes other in-stock items, they won't ship until your order is complete. Thanks!

A 78-card starter tarot deck by Chinggay Labrador. Kickstart your tarot journey with a fun + fresh and modern tarot deck. This Starter Deck uses colorful collage and quick catchphrases to introduce you to the practical magic of tarot.

This deck includes a foldout mini-zine that teaches you how to use your deck, and an embroidered canvas pouch.

Use this deck to:

  • get real-time guidance on yourself, your relationships, career, and life choices
  • tackle anxiety, overwhelm, and stress
  • shift your perspective
  • build a mindfulness practice
  • learn how the tarot works

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