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My People Prompts - Digital Stamp Set


This is a digital product — no physical stamp will be sent to you. The zip file includes individual PNGs, and an .ABR set for Photoshop. 


A much-requested set! The latest in our Prompts Series, My People Prompts is here to document all your favorite people (real, or otherwise!) This set includes the ff. Prompts:

  1. My favorite person
  2. This crew
  3. These are my people
  4. Just you and me
  5. Secret crush
  6. This girl
  7. This guy
  8. Besties
  9. Best friends
  10. Sisters for life
  11. Partners in crime
  12. Travel buddy
  13. Fave Youtuber
  14. Fave host
  15. Online buddy
  16. Craft buddies
  17. Brothers for life
  18. Awesome human
  19. Soul sister
  20. Fellow foodie
  21. This kid!
  22. What a hottie!
  23. Favorite person on the internet
  24. Friends for life
  25. Support group
  26. True friend
  27. The gang’s all here
  28. Howdy, neighbor!
  29. New friend
  30. We make a great team!
  31. Favorite artist
  32. Shopping buddy
  33. Always fun with this one
  34. What an inspiration!
  35. Best team ever
  36. Love these dudes
  37. Love these ladies
  38. Love this face
  39. My person

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