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Positivity Passport Kit

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Inspired by a DIY project from our newsletter archives, the Positivity Passport kit has everything you need to start a small mini book about the good things that come by your everyday. Everything counts: a small victory, an unexpected delight, a generous act, a project finished. You get to decide what counts as a win!

Here's what's in your Positivity Passport kit:

  • 3.5 x 5.5 in. notebook (Field Notes size) with 36 pages / 31 entries
  • 4 sheets of clear stickers with passport seals and 2 cover stickers
  • 1 quick ideas card on how to use your passport!
  • A ready-to-send mini postcard to share the love with someone you're thankful for!
  • Comes in a 4x6 sleeve for easy portability!

Spread the love: buy more and save! These mini kits make great care packages for your favorite craft besties who need a good pick-me-up at this time ;)

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